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Welcome to the Sacramento Symphonic Winds Trumpet Bend!

  • Great site for the free music and lessons online. Get it here, get it now!

  •, the veritable encyclopedia and has a great insert on trumpet.

  • Way to network, learn and play as a trumpeter.

  • Early Trumpet makers. Lots of good info here.

  • Another place of real information including when performances are. See for yourself!

  • This is interesting...just pass the mouse over the written note and see the fingering in the window.

  • One stop shopping, including for college.

  • Wikepedia's entry on trumpet.

  • Official Web page for this trumpet player. Has podcasts, blogs, forums and all kinds of good things from this master of trumpet playing!

  • And Yes, Louis...Dizzy as you probably haven't seen. Also, just a link to get you looking at Dizzy Gillespie's videos! Have fun!

  • You Tube continues to never being disappointing!! The continued classic, Louis Armstrong never disappoints either! Can't get enough of Louis? Type in his name and there is so much more you can get of Louis! One of the greats!!