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Welcome to the Sacramento Symphonic Winds Percussive Circle!

  • Demonstration of Ivory Coast Drumming and Dance as well as other links to African Drumming.

  • Latin percussion and music defined!

  • This is a You Tube entry of the Billy Cobham in the Horace Silver Quintet. There are other links that bring you to more modern examples of Billy Cobham's playing. There is one with Herbie Hancock that is worth seeing, especially.

  • A performance that will want you having more. The video commercials for the latest tour does not do them justice. Because of the interaction with the audience, it is a must be there concert!

  • You Tube entry of Samba lesson for bongos.

  • Local place that does Capoiera. What is it? Take a look!

  • Has videos on rhythms and has a national listing of organized drum circle meetings by state.

  • Shows the drum corps in the US. Also a good resource for brass players.

  • Forum for various percussionists.

  • One of the most amazing musicians. When you understand that this woman is deaf, you cannot believe her talent! Check out the videos of her virtuosic playing.

  • Percussion/Drums news and resources listed here.

  • Producer and Seller of Latin percussion instruments. Has sound recordings that demonstrate their congas and rhythms.

  • Website for Ludwig Drums.

  • Ex-Grateful Dead's Drummer who now does great percussion work. Check out his MySpace page.

  • Neat site that has much information on Native American Drums.

  • Home page of Pearl Drums.

  • The world's largest percussion organization and is considered the central source for information and networking for percussionists and drummers of all ages.

  • Link to making your own instruments! Fish skins though....hmm...

  • How many of you knew that Stevie Wonder played the set like this?

  • Always worth seeing!!

  • Has a lot of great information on the tabla. Look up the streaming video link on the left. Some neat stuff there!

  • Another great site on Tabla with video and very useful information.

  • Local Taiko Group that offers classes and has performances.

  • Neat Taiko footage. Check out other links to the right.

  • This little diddy shows instruments just not ofen seen or even thought of as percussion instruments. Have to see the demonstration!

  • Worth it for the pictures!!

  • Native American drums can be bought here.

  • Looks like it is a website only for shopping, but it also appears like some development is going on that discusses issues with playing percussion.

  • Has good soundclips and is simple but informative.

  • Fine drumstick makers. Lots of famous players on their website.

  • This is really cool. There are videos that demonstrate each rudiment.

  • This is a different link than the percussion page. It has nice links to types of drums as entered in Wikipedia.

  • Great resource that even tells you what to call a percussionist.