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Welcome to the Sacramento Symphonic Winds Flute Corner!

  • Good resource for flutists to take their playing to a different level!

  • Flute events and news.

  • This one couldn't get away. You saw the fun Rampal had with Miss Piggy, but this just shows off Rampal's artistry! Perfect playing of Mozart!

  • Has direct e-mails to Baroque Flute Makers as well as Baroque Flute Resources.

  • Article on Contrabass and other low tone sounding flutes.

  • Website for Brannen Brothers Flute Makers.

  • Website for Burkart Boston Flutes, etc.

  • Some information on the Dizi flute. Can look this up on Lark in the Morning's website as well.

  • Short clip of Latin flutist David Valentin. You should be given the opportunity to see other clips as well with David Valentin.

  • Great place to order music and accessories via mail.

  • Includes Shakuhachi, South American Kena Flutes, South American Panpipes - Siku & Zampoņa, and Native American Flute Links, mostly for purchase.

  • Home page of flutist Viviana Guzman. Classically trained but also does various styles of flute, including Latin music.

  • Greg Patillo gets high marks for a wonderful performance of Peter and the Wolf in beatbox style. What is Beatboxing? Check this link out.

  • Website for Wm. S. Haynes Co.

  • Wanted to know a little about the oldest melodious instrument in the world? This link may help!

  • Video on You Tube on flute making, courtesy of Brannen Cooper.

  • Do it! Rampal at his very best! Very funny! Encore! Encore! Encore! Check out other appearances by Rampal on the Muppets! What a sport!

  • Information on Jeanne Baxtresser's Masterclasses as well as ordering her CD's.

  • Who needs alternate fingerings when you have an alternate flute!! Interesting and inventive

  • From Double Contrabass and more flutes to choose from.

  • This link should take you directly to the flutes page. All types of flutes sold here, even nose flutes!!

  • Known by flutists as a pool of resource regarding flute playing.

  • Marco's website with some of his recordings in MP3. Another Grammy award winner!

  • Flutist extraordinaire who produced and still produces many works for flute. This page not only has his works that you may purchase, but has sound recordings of his pieces.

  • Website for Miyazawa Flute Makers.

  • The largest flute organization in the world. The NFA holds a convention every August that brings together all types of flutists, vendors, and admirers in one spot!

  • A site dedicated to Native American Flutes and a very good resource.

  • This web page just compiled in November 2006 lays to rest the Neanderthal Flute debate. Find out the exicting conclusion at this link!

  • Flautist Nestor Torres' webpage who is a Latin Grammy winner. You can check schedule for tour dates and purchase CD's directly.

  • This site has some great mp3's of pan flute playing as well as some resources for people interested in pan flute.

  • Modern flutist extraordinaire. Check out the glissando headjoint!!!

  • Shows flutes of the world and fingering for the Chinese Bamboo Flute.

  • This link is to some of the finest flutes made.

  • Resource and links for Shakuhachi flute.

  • Has recordings of Shakuhachi Flute...

  • Started as a print publication that served as the "classifieds" for flutists looking to buy instruments, as well as presented Masterclass dates. One really invaluable feature that the Flute Network provides is a "Registry of Stolen Instruments" for those in need.

  • Offers fingerings from piccolo to Contrabass flutes! Very useful when looking for alternate fingerings! (There are also other woodwinds' fingerings.)

  • A Bay Area discussion group for Concert Announcements and any questions that come up in this forum.

  • Website for Irish Flutes, whistles, bodhrans and more.